PodWind is a leading podcast production company that works with brands, institutions, entrepreneurs, and individuals.
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Planning Podcasts and Developing Shows

An idea is all it takes to get started. The creative team at PodWind will work with you to develop a concept for the show, figure out the technical requirements, and go through the production workflow.
You’ll be guided by us in regards to purchasing the correct equipment, learning how to record your shows, and understanding how to submit content.
Your podcast will be on par with some of the most innovative shows out there, as all of our producers are pioneers in the podcasting industry, only employing the best practices.

Editing Post-Production and Show Notes Copywriting

The producers and certified engineers at PodWind are specialists when it comes to audio production. We only use the most cutting edge software and audio equipment to ensure each show sounds amazing..

Creating Podcasts for Personal Entertainment and Hobbies

Creating podcasts is an excellent way to get your message across to lots of people. PodWind can help you get started, whether you’re a content creator or blogger, a hobbyist, or just have plenty to say to the world!

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Podcasting is perhaps the best way to grow your business by directly engaging with your customers, regardless of whether you own a business, service, or if you’re simply a content creator!

A lot of our clients use podcasts as a means of communicating with their clients, ultimately increasing their sales of services and products.

Distribution, Hosting, Support and Commercial Advice

As part of our service, PodWind will set up your hosting for you. In addition to this, we will produce and upload excellent show titles, graphics, descriptions, and a whole lot more.

PodWind will take care of submitting your show to all of the major podcast directories, including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

The producers at PodWind will carry out an assessment of your position in the market, provide you with ongoing technical support, and give you advice on how your content quality can be improved upon.

Governments, major brands, Fortune 500 companies, individuals, and educational organizations are all clients who have trusted us to build their podcasts.

Our full care and attention is given to each and every client of ours, from the very first meeting all the way through to launch day.

Professional Podcasts and Broadcasts

PodWind has experience in working with radio stations and professional podcasters. We understand that your time is precious, so we have processes in place to make your podcast sound super professional quickly, easily, and best of all at a very cost-effective price. PodWind makes your professional workflow super smooth, with our very fast turnaround times, competitively priced services, and additional extras, such as transcription services. You can’t go wrong with PodWind.

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